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I ♥ people; look for ways to make them happy, and empower them. Historically, this has been connected to software and live performance.

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Dip your toes into some MUSIC (part 1: Chip, Dub, #Deep, Mashup)

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One of the most fun parts of dating someone can be learning about the art that moves them and sharing the art that moves you. I’ve read books for people, eaten albums, played video games, binged TV shows, and generally been exposed to all sorts of amazing this way.

The Lady and I are, 11 months in, still finding new things to throw each other’s way, but one place we differ is what resonates with us. A frequent phrase I use is that I hear the world more than I see it, and she tends to see it more than she hears it. As an example, the other day we were in a long line and I knew it was at least 4 minutes because an entire song and a half had played.

After a bunch of conversations, it occurred to me wow, I’ve got a lot in this catalog. I thought I’d compile + share some categories and artists; maybe you find something you like? I tend to throw them all into one playlist; a friend referred to it as “whiplash-inducing.”

All of this is just me, sincerely describing things as I’m consuming them. My terminology/categorization can be exceptionally noob. But this is my space, dammit; there are no comments on this blog, Imma just be me.

That said, I am better than Pitchfork, which famously only gave Music a 6.8.

An anecdote on runtimes

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Adobe AIR!

My first gig was working on Adobe AIR, a (comparably) little-loved app runtime that was ahead of its time; I’d argue its fate as a faded silhouette of its potential was, as with most products, due to People Issues and changes in the context, in this case related to Macromedia’s acquisition that touched everything in the Flash family, and many of the same “world changed around us” issues that hit Windows Vista. But that’s a deeper post for another time that I’m absolutely not qualified to write. Here, I just want to go into a cute engineering anecdote that tickled me.

Note that all the following is entirely from memory; this was also my first gig out of college and I’d only been coding about 2 years, so please take this as lightheartedly as I’m writing it!

2016 in review

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I wrote most of this on the last day of 2016. Then I put it down and forgot about it. I’m publishing it late, but will throw color commentary in italics. Here we go.

My last year in review was received pretty positively, so let’s try this again. Here’s my 2016 in review (Christ, what happened to this year?) with hopes for 2017; a brief, mostly incorrect list:

Advent of Code 2016

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A co-worker linked a few of us to Advent of Code, a coding challenge that released a new puzzle every day for December, leading to the 25th.

I participated as best I could, with a twist: try to write every day’s solution in a different programming language. I didn’t finish (some explanation follows), but I’m proud of my entries. The list of languages is:

Observations after another go-round of tech interviewing

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Ha! So I’m leaving Reonomy. Not what I thought I’d write after the way that last post ended. But we muster the most hope when it’s most desperately needed, and I was needing it then.

This means, hopefully for the last time, I went through the famed Tech Interview Experience again. Here are some findings and reactions; most of this is old hat for anyone with the ear to the ground, but hopefully someone finds this interesting.

Six Months of Managing

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It’s been a pretty momentous few months for me at Reonomy. Like I mentioned in my 2015 in Review post, it’s been the most professionally fulfilling job I’ve had, and looks on track to be the gig I’ve kept the longest (currently Adobe, where I was for about 2 years).

On that note, in February, I got promoted to Engineering Lead, and started work with direct reports. In July, I got promoted again to Director of Engineering, and now manage most of the engineers. The move from software engineer who spends most of their days “in the weeds” to one who mostly manages people is one of the more culturally loaded narratives in our profession, so here’s some reflections/thoughts having been in this now for about 6 months.

Company Heirarchy

New look, new page

:: meta

I’ve decided to take another shot at this page. While the ole’ poop-colored serif site was nice, now it’s time to make things MODERN 👽

Here are two screenshots of the old one for posterity’s sake.

I wrote an entire page about what this migration entailed, and will have it there as a static page. Check it out.

Updates to come, maybe!

Augmenting Dropwizard with Swagger and Rollbar

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The following is a cross-post with the Reonomy blog. It was made to soar and look good there, but figured I’d put it here since it’s still my writing. 😛

These days, we do things a bit differently in the company, as do I personally. I use Kotlin with Dropwizard and a host of slightly different techniques than in the example project. Nonetheless, hope it’s helpful to someone!

Hi Comrades! I’m Pablo 😄

I was responsible for writing the server layer for a new product under a tight deadline. I ended up writing it in Java with Dropwizard, and thought I’d share where I hit a pitfall or two in implementing the server to have certain features not specific to the domain logic of our app.

If you’re considering implementing your next REST service with a powered-up deployment of Dropwizard, read on!

(follow along with the example project demonstrating these integrations!)