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New look, new page

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I’ve decided to take another shot at this page. While the ole’ poop-colored serif site was nice, now it’s time to make things MODERN 👽

Here are two screenshots of the old one for posterity’s sake.

I wrote an entire page about what this migration entailed, and will have it there as a static page. Check it out.

Updates to come, maybe!

Blogging Solutions

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A friend recently asked for some advice regarding blogging solutions, and I realized it’s a pretty big space. Here’s some advice after a few years of blogging, a bit of experience with blogging engines, and general technical proficiency.

Welcome to the new blog!

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Welcome to the new! After tons of reading, I decided to move my blog over to Jekyll, for a variety of reasons:

First, I like having all my content, readily available, in plain text on any of my local machines. This has tons of upsides, the most prominent being absolute control of all the elements of my blog. Notice the text justification is actually using the Knuth line-breaking algorithm, implemented in Javascript!

New Blog

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Hi all,

In a financial confusion (new cards invalidate old ones, internet companies), the former host of dropped me and my site after a single, spam-collected e-mail.