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loving yourself with EBOOKS

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While I’m still ramping up at the new gig, I’ve found a love of code again and recently launched new side project. I may still work on it yet, but chances are I’ll leave it be for a bit while I pursue other interests (hey, it works well as is and I’m not shipping it :-p).

It’s called Ebooker, and if you’d like to have a look at the source, fire me an email, I have it hosted on a private repo on Bitbucket.

I’ll be blogging again soon…

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I just got back to work after a lovely, lovely break, and will get back to blogging Real Things soon. In the meantime, recording a milestone:

I had what I like to think of my “first” “release” of ScrabbleCheat. In a match of Scrabble without it, Madly Brilliant beat me by 97 points. I used it successfully for the first time (with her knowledge and permission) and beat her the following game by about 83 points. There’s still tons of work to be done, but its core is there, certainly.

Paul the lil’ misogynist

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The longer I’m away from home, the more I forget about where I come from. I’m on Spring Break now, and usually when I’m home I spend some time digging around the house for archiving material. During my last Spring Break I put some kiddie pictures on Facebook that was met with much enthusiasm from my family. This time, I have a video.

My school had a tradition of putting 4th graders in little skits, and I was in one called Sammy Carducci’s Guide to Women. (based, as I just found out, on a terrible-looking novel for middle schoolers).

Comix, miscellanous

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This weekend I treated myself and bought the first Deluxe Set of Y: The Last Man (issues 1–10, I had the second set before by a happy accident). It’s really a marvelous comic, and suggest people take a look at it.

My friend Lyn has a comic of her own, which I also greatly enjoy. I keep petitioning for the inclusion of another character, and maybe one day my calls will be met.

m4d H4X

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For two years I was a UTA for our department’s Introduction to Security course, and my current roommate is the current Head TA. So when a friend was looking for someone to perform a security audit on his web application, he called my roommate, who called me in as his surgeon’s assistant. Here’s what we found:

Dictionary Attack