Performance, arts

Doing shows in Middle in High School was the first time I really felt that I was good at something that I also enjoyed doing and did good for those around me. I appreciated art (music, writing) but didn't feel like I'd found my medium yet, until theatre. While I "performed" well at other academics, those felt more like an accident of precocity rather than directed effort. So when I was graduating high school, I felt my purpose was to change the world with acting, directing, and producing shows. I auditioned for half of colleges (BFA programs at acting conservatories) with the other half being liberal arts college with strong theatre programs.

I still love theatre! In SF I host living room play readings of my favorites over the past 20 years, and look for every opportunity to thread narrative and flavor wherever I can. I often say "computers are something I do, narrative and arts are who I am."

Most of what I did was what I'd call "straight theatre," and in college, right before the switch to computers, I considered myself focused on physical comedy, while getting into Modern Dance.