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Note: I originally wrote this on December 14, the day of the Newtown shootings, but didn’t publish it because I needed some time to cool off, and let this sit. Here it is, unedited, in all its rage-ey glory, actually published January 4th.

Today, in light of the news, I’ve been feeling pretty much this. Seriously, fuck everything.

Testing, and the lost art of the manual

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I hate to be GrandPaul, the old curmudgeon who hates things that just ain’t the way they used to be. But I’ve decided to touch webdev for ScrabbleCheat and by jove, I feel those RoR kids have jumped the shark. Forget TDD; that shit is so passe. These kids practice BDD, with Cucumber and RSpec.

Let’s make a few thing clear here: Unit Testing isn’t the end-all, be-all of automated software verification. BDD seems to be a perfectly noble attempt to address many of its shortcomings, or if I may go so far, addressing the “failed promises” of TDD. Some of those promises (and how BDD helps solve them include):

How to tell someone their code sucks

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Some days I just wish I were David Korn

No, it’s completely wrong-headed, insane and unreasonable. Your code is 100% bogus and should be taken out the back, lined up against a wall, and machine-gunned.

Then the bleeding corpse should be hung, drawn and quartered.

Then burnt.

Then the smouldering rubble should be jumped up and down on.

By a hippo.


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Alright forks, time for some smugness. I know, on this blog?!? But bear with me. I’m just completely frakking pissed at a number of bugs I’ve been chasing down, at work and at home, and after looking for the more general problem, it’s all about state. ALL OF IT.