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2016 in review

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I wrote most of this on the last day of 2016. Then I put it down and forgot about it. I’m publishing it late, but will throw color commentary in italics. Here we go.

My last year in review was received pretty positively, so let’s try this again. Here’s my 2016 in review (Christ, what happened to this year?) with hopes for 2017; a brief, mostly incorrect list:

Six Months of Managing

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It’s been a pretty momentous few months for me at Reonomy. Like I mentioned in my 2015 in Review post, it’s been the most professionally fulfilling job I’ve had, and looks on track to be the gig I’ve kept the longest (currently Adobe, where I was for about 2 years).

On that note, in February, I got promoted to Engineering Lead, and started work with direct reports. In July, I got promoted again to Director of Engineering, and now manage most of the engineers. The move from software engineer who spends most of their days “in the weeds” to one who mostly manages people is one of the more culturally loaded narratives in our profession, so here’s some reflections/thoughts having been in this now for about 6 months.

Company Heirarchy

Why I Play StarCraft

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Last year my cousin Diego posted a Facebook status along the lines of “dude… I’m actually liking Chipotle! What’s happening to me?” to which I responded “Diego, my love for Chipotle has lasted longer than all my relationships combined. Get with the program.”

Yesterday, Blizzard’s StarCraft Facebook page shared this video with the heading “Why do YOU play StarCraft?”:

And, well, I’ve been playing StarCraft for well over 3 years now, and streaming for almost that long. Here’s an old vintage clip from at least two years ago, and a more recent one from last week. I’ve visibly aged between the two clips; I’ve also gotten much better at StarCraft.

Blizzard’s post got me wondering — why do I play StarCraft? Why have I stuck with it for this long?

I think the embedded video above is a bit more romantic, but I have some ideas.

Joss Whedon, the word Feminist

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[Disclaimer: I benefit from virtually every type of privilege society grants: namely, I’m White-presenting, cis, male, straight, thin, well-off, etc. Privileged people talking about movements aiming to equal the playing field are often fraught with peril and questions over to what degree I should involve myself in conversations like this are pretty open, so take the below with this in mind. I couldn’t find the original, but remember this reproduction of this handy flowchart just to be clear.]

Some folks on my Facebook feed are angry that some feminists are angry that Joss Whedon said some silly things about feminism the other day. Here are some other criticisms if you missed it.

I predictably mostly agree with the more critical takes, but many Facebookers on my feed are responding negatively to the response, so I’ll respond to their response to the response. That should fix it.

On Depression (mine)

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Roast Beef, trouble with toast

Part of getting better about managing my depression is being open about it. Contrary to what I frequently told myself, it turned out friends and family do appreciate you going into details about this. I’ll describe some topics about my depression, since you almost certainly have someone in your life who might like it if you knew more about it (like me!).

Stream Ads

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Originally written on December 18, Newtown hit me very hard, then I got wrapped up in holidays. Actual publish date is January 4. tl;dr I still believeall this but feel people who watch game streams with ad block are acting supremely entitled because there are workarounds, and compared to “theft” of mass media the inconveniences are fewer, and the producers are more cheated.


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Note: I originally wrote this on December 14, the day of the Newtown shootings, but didn’t publish it because I needed some time to cool off, and let this sit. Here it is, unedited, in all its rage-ey glory, actually published January 4th.

Today, in light of the news, I’ve been feeling pretty much this. Seriously, fuck everything.