I'm living in San Francisco. For work, I've mostly developed software, having worked for Adobe on the Flash Platform from 2010-2012, and for Google briefly on their API console from 2012-2013, until I decided to follow someone, taking me away from the Bay Area. After that I was the second employee Looksee, which made the fun, but ill-fated Sup app. I later joined Reonomy as a Series B employee in 2015, where I was an engineer for about a year before getting promoted to a Lead, where I've been managing more. I did almost the same path at ClassPass (IC then promoted to manage, about a year). I was in the first 10 engineers at Lyft's NYC office, then I was first hire at Ramp.

You can find my paper resume hosted on GitHub. It's pretty reductive in order to fit on one page; if you'd like to know more about my Engineering experience/outlook/ideas, you'll probably do better clicking the Engineering page, or finding blog posts with that tag.

Before software, I did a lot more in the Arts, primarily theater, having worked mostly as an actor and a sound designer, about 10-15 shows as each. I've also dabbled in modern dance before pursuing other production opportunities, and directing, which was a bit more rare. Performance is still always on the mind.

This is reflected in my education. I graduated with two degrees: an ScB in Computer Science and a BA in Music. I made the transition from arts/performance to engineering at Brown University.

Before that, I grew up in Washington, DC. with a very lovely family.


Is it 'Pablo' or 'Paul'? Which is your real name?


Legally, my name is Paul, and that's what most of my English-speaking people called me in school and my first two jobs. My siblings, cousins, and exes all mostly call me "Paul."

But my parents and grandparents have called me exclusively Pablo for as long as I've been processing language, and it's what I've always felt more comfortable with. I've been using it more with the last two gigs, and most recent co-workers find calling me "Paul" as alien as I do when I look into a mirror.

Ultimately, I answer to both, and feel like I am both. People have been surprisingly emotionally invested in this issue.

Give us labels to better put you in a box!

Since you asked, imaginary Pablo.

Like my dog, I'm a mix. Unlike my dog, I broadly know what I'm a mix of:

I've been to Guatemala ~10 times. It's beautiful, you should go! I speak fluent Spanish, though it's pretty obviously my second language.

I'm a middle child: my brother is two years older than me, my sister four years younger.

What is your favicon?

It's a Zerg Drone! They are adorable.

Zerg drone!