"What's your deal, man?"

Since you asked, imaginary Pablo.

Like my dog, I'm a mix. Unlike my dog, I broadly know what I'm a mix of:

I'm an American citizen, and was born and raised here.

I'm 37, living in San Francisco. I went to Brown University and got a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Music (which was not really a music degree; it was more "sound technology for sound design + digital installation art"). I speak fluent Spanish (never monolingual). I'm a middle child with an older brother and a younger sister.

For money, I've mostly worked as a software developer and engineering manager.

Anything else?

I'm a licensed hypnotherapist, though I don't and have never had a practice. I just think it's neat 🌀

I trained to be a dance fitness instructor. I taught a few classes, but had a falling out with the studio owner. This was years ago and have lost the moves as an instructor, but will tear out the floor in any Zumba class. 🕺

I love hard video games, but don't play them very much. I'm learning the accordion 🪗

Software jobs

Company Duration Team(s) Stack(s) City Company size at join Pablo's Grade
Adobe 2010—2012 Flash Player and Runtime C++ (deployed on 1bn devices lol), Java SF idk, thousands A-, cool place actually
Google 2012—2013 Google Cloud; API Dashboard Java Mountain View idk, tens of thousands D-, extremely bad gig
Sup April 2014—December 2014 Sup Java (Android apps), Node, Mongo Philly (remote), NYC later Founding engineer A, brought me back to life
Reonomy Feb 2015—August 2016 Reonomy Java, Angular, Node, Python NYC ~14 B-, a bit nuts but very grateful
ClassPass August 2016—October 2017 ClassPass Java, Python NYC 250 C-, oh the dysfunction
Lyft November 2017—May 2019 Passenger Experience Python, Dynamo NYC First 10 in NYC office, company at ~2000 B. A bit too FAANG-like but pretty good people.
Ramp May 2019—Present A lot lol Python, Elixir NYC—Remote Founding Engineer A++. Top-shelf, best gig of my career.


City Duration Why?
Washington DC area 1986-2005 Raised here!
Providence, RI 2005-2010 College!
San Francisco, CA 2010-2013 First jobs out of college!
Austin, Texas Two months in 2013 Was depressed, desperate, and nearly quit tech.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2013-2014 Threw myself into a life tornado in light of ☝️, chased a dream.
New York, NY 2015-2021 Job took me here, stayed.
San Francisco, CA 2022-Present Ill-fated relationship choices.