Huevo con Chorizo 🍳

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Tastes better than it looks.

Lyft opened their NY office just last November, and we get lunches via Forkable. An engineer named Matt Leventi visited from SF for a week, forgot to turn off his lunch orders, and so for a bit of time we had an extra lunch ordered in his name.

Another engineer took to reviewing the Leventi Lunch in Slack. One time I ate it, and left the following review:

Today's Leventi Lunch is Huevo con Chorizo sandwich, from Miscelanea.

If you have Latinx people in your life, they will probably gush to you about the wonders of chorizo. Chipotle launched and killed chorizo as one of their desperate ploys to get out of their post-salmonella tailspin, but their launch strategy reflected an organization in distress: their offering somehow took a material of God and made it an inferior, forgettable paste; reminiscent of the Taco Bell "meat" (which is 35% beef) that their brand is virtually defined against. Eating Chipotle burritos is arguably the longest relationship in my life: I've eaten there for longer than all my romantic relationships combined. Loving other people comes and goes, but I can always get my burrito. Sadly, their ruining chorizo might be the thing that does us in.

So it's with great delight that I can report that Matt Leventi's Huevo con Chorizo is an excellently constructed lunch. The chorizo soaks in the bread, the huevo is perfectly cooked to allow two bite possibilities: the refreshing texture of the egg whites to counter the richness of the sausage, or a yolk bite, with its decadent, fatty creaminess. Each part of this meal is a happy surprise, with the lettuce adding a bit of color and variety from the otherwise-rich ingredients.

There are serious environmental implications to eating animal products, and I often hope I'll one day become a better man and give them up. But if I'm in this transition period where I'm still eating indiscriminate, low-effort meals at the expense of our children's future, I'm happy it's for a sandwich like this Huevo con Chorizo.

Not long after, Matt cancelled his order. Also, turns out Taco Bell's meat is 88% beef.

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