Engineering Interviews

Nobody likes them, and most people I respect don't believe they're good indicators of success on the job. It's a set of ceremonies we all perform to collectively convince ourselves:

i’m kidding myself—no-one hires senior engs, they hire friends — tef

Navigating this on either side is a bear.🐻 Here are a bunch of links that help me most in making sense to this (a lot of them taken from when I did a round in 2016, but I'll keep this one updated).

Part of what makes interviews such a weird and painful process is the lack of clarity on expectations for the hire and what success looks like in the process. Clarifying our thoughts is hard! Humans generally amble through life and want things to feel good without applying intention behind it; if you can invest some time, you'll have a much better idea of what you're shooting for.

I found these helpful on getting clarity.

Our industry sucks at including people. I like these articles for including that perspective when considering how to run and approach interviews at a high level.

A few more in terms of execution: