Alice Goldfuss: Foot Candles in tech 📹

Thursday, May 10, 2018 :: Tagged under: culture engineering. ⏰ 1 minutes.

Hey! Thanks for reading! Just a reminder that I wrote this some years ago, and may have much more complicated feelings about this topic than I did when I wrote it. Happy to elaborate, feel free to reach out to me! 😄

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The blog has slowed down a bit while working on my Deconstruct talk, but while you're here, Alice Goldfuss wrote a must-read post on different paths to tech, and where/how to learn different things along the way:

While knowing about foot-candles added some foundational understanding to my film degree, it wasn’t required to make films and the lack of it didn’t prevent you from becoming a photographer in your own right.

Foot-candles are specialized knowledge used by cinematographers and lighting experts. If you want to go into those or similar fields, awesome, you should know about foot-candles. But you didn’t need to know them to get as far as you did.


Being a self-guided programmer means I go through the same mental cycle again and again. I’m always comparing myself to traditional CS grads. I’m always worried I’m missing something. I’m always worried I’m not enough.

This isn’t helped by some (not all) CS grads holding holier-than-thou attitudes regarding programmers from non-traditional backgrounds. Nothing like having your abilities questioned both internally and all across the entire span of your industry.

Really, read the whole thing, it won't take that long. It hits a few of the notes I hit on my piece about Engineer Showboating and gatekeeping. It also hits on a lot of why tech interviewing is such a weird, hard problem to get consensus on.

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