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Sapo on a mound of boxes, cartons. Click for full size.

Sapo proud after a hard day's work

Karen and I moved from Hell's Kitchen to Brooklyn. We started packing more-or-less in earnest at 8:00PM and finished just in time for the movers to arrive at 7:00AM. No sleep was had that night. This August I will have lived in NYC for 4 years, and after blindly leaving the apartment after a night of packing to get bodega sandwiches at 5:50 in the morning, I've never felt so attached to the city.

This was my first move from a "living together" situation to another "living together" situation: all previous moves were me moving myself, me moving in with someone, and me leaving a cohabitation. Moving, like travel, is tough to do with someone else! It gave us space to explore where we're different and where we're the same, as everything does. I found myself saying "Thank God she's got this base covered," and I expect she said the same of me at several points in the night.

The dogs, for their part, were well-behaved. Rocco pooped in the new apartment after a few hours, and both acted up a bit during the move itself. I maintain the same advice as always: if you can be talked out of having a dog, get talked out of it. That said, we absolutely adore them.

Anyways, hit us up if you're ever in Downtown Brooklyn, or tell us what's good in the comments!

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