Philly Murals

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I've been living in Philadelphia now for about a month, and I'm very impressed with the murals in the city. Most city art projects are small-scale, unobtrusive, and extremely tepid.

While Philly's murals aren't GROUNDBREAKING ART, they're certainly very beautiful, and all over. Here are six of them within a half-mile of my apartment:

(much higher-resolution photos available from my public G+ album.)

On 13th St.

This one is across from Green Eggs Cafe on 13th St. Good to have since waits for brunch can be ridiculous.

Entrace to Philly Magic Gardens

This is the entrance to Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, and apparently a popular wedding spot.

Morriss Animal Refuge

Appropriately painted on the side of the Morriss Animal Refuge.

Across my apartment.

This one's across my apartment building. Especially fun since parts of it stick out of the building.

Mural on parking lot.

At a parking lot... I think on Spruce St., but I could be wrong.

Philly Pride

This one celebrates Pride in Philly.

More of them on TIME here. See also the Mural Arts Program, or Mural Tours.

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