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Hey! Thanks for reading! Just a reminder that I wrote this some years ago, and may have much more complicated feelings about this topic than I did when I wrote it. Happy to elaborate, feel free to reach out to me! 😄

I posted these on the last blog, months before I was digitally evicted. Last summer I participated with some friends in the 48-hour Film Festival, making two movies.

The game works as follows: at the start of the 48 hours, you're given a character, prop, and line of dialogue that must be present in your movie. You're also given a genre, with one chance to re-draw if desired.

The first, called Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!, was a dry run of sorts, where we would identify bottlenecks for Game Time. The plan was to do this in 12 hours, we really did it in about 14.

We drew Science Fiction, a salesperson, a wooden spoon, and the line "I wouldn't go down there if I were you." Understanding the radio address in the beginning is pretty key: it introduces the Sci-Fi element on which the plot is based (namely, a drug has been invented that lets someone re-live another person's experiences with a sample of their hair).

I acted, with a touch of sound design. See if you can spot the errors! I count two.

For the 'real' movie we made for the festival (Not All Who Wander), we drew Horror, a pot of coffee, an addict named Sonia, and the line "I'm pretty sure that's not right."

I didn't act in this, I was one of three involved in sound. Being at the end of the pipeline (sound was done last), it was a hellish few hours, especially considering all the on-site audio collected during shooting was garbage. I am proud of the sound work I did on this, but mostly if I remember what the conditions were.

This one has three major, hard-to-spot production errors. Brownie points if you can find them, one of them in particular is hilarious.

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