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Dip your toes into some MUSIC (part 1: Chip, Dub, #Deep, Mashup)

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One of the most fun parts of dating someone can be learning about the art that moves them and sharing the art that moves you. I’ve read books for people, eaten albums, played video games, binged TV shows, and generally been exposed to all sorts of amazing this way.

The Lady and I are, 11 months in, still finding new things to throw each other’s way, but one place we differ is what resonates with us. A frequent phrase I use is that I hear the world more than I see it, and she tends to see it more than she hears it. As an example, the other day we were in a long line and I knew it was at least 4 minutes because an entire song and a half had played.

After a bunch of conversations, it occurred to me wow, I’ve got a lot in this catalog. I thought I’d compile + share some categories and artists; maybe you find something you like? I tend to throw them all into one playlist; a friend referred to it as “whiplash-inducing.”

All of this is just me, sincerely describing things as I’m consuming them. My terminology/categorization can be exceptionally noob. But this is my space, dammit; there are no comments on this blog, Imma just be me.

That said, I am better than Pitchfork, which famously only gave Music a 6.8.