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Link Aggregation - Paul Edition

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I don’t get much feedback on the blog, but the little I get is usually something along the lines of I would read it more, but you don’t write about don’t write about anything interesting

What is usually meant by this is that the blog isn’t very personal: I don’t write much about my feelings, my ups-and-downs, my relationships or my struggles. Most of my writing is either esoteric (code, old video games, etc) or at arms length from my actual life.

Coding socially

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I decided to finally get a GitHub account, since I’ve downloaded countless great software from it, and think it’s about time I joined/gave back. So check out my profile, feel free to be my friend (or follow my project[s], whatever it is…), and check out my first “release” of a side project, a program to help you cheat in Scrabble!

Many other Scrabble cheaters have been written, but mine is in a silly functional language! Also, I have plans to make it more than just an anagram/word generator, even though that’s all this release contains. You’ll need an Erlang VM to run it.

Type Systems, From 1000 feet high

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I posted a link to one of my favorite articles ever on Facebook that is now gone. Here’s the reddit link; the article was about what you should know before you debate type systems, since most people have fuzzy notions of what type systems are, what they do, and their properties. He said it best, but now that it’s gone, I’ll go over a few points that I remember the author addressed.

(edit: Reddit provides a Wayback Machine link, so you can read the original!).

Quickie on Atheism

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I love Andrew Sullivan’s blog. It offers excellent analysis containing many sides of the news; what separates it from other blog is the conversations he mediates with the readers.

One topic of great discussion is divinity: Sullivan himself is a Catholic (an exemplary one, I would say, of the compassion and humility the faith claims to provide) and he frequently discusses religion and the many conversations around it.

Keep Up that Racket!

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PLT Scheme, formerly my favorite Scheme implementation and mentioned before in my writings, has been re-branded as Racket. I’m very excited about this: Racket is a language of unbelievable potential, and hopefully it’s re-branding will make people aware of this.

(while it is just a name change and new website, I doubt Clojure would have gotten it’s momentum if it were just called “JVM Lisp”).