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Another lazy video post

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The weekends are when I get lazy. I got promoted to Diamond League in Starcraft. I’m still plugging away on ScrabbleCheat (see the branch ‘feature-curses-ui’). Did me some laundry.

While folding/placing laundry and cleaning up my room, it’s good to have some videos or music playing. If you have an hour to burn, there’s a great 1 hour interview in 4 15-minute segments with Christopher Hitchens:


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It’s been a while since I’ve been able to run through a code book, with life throwing me so many welcome curveballs since the summer. But I’m finally taking the time to work through a book like old times; this go-round is with Conrad Barski’s Land of Lisp. I probably wouldn’t have gone for it, but the music video he made was just too cute:

CS Pranks: Push it!

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While working as a Sunlab consultant at Brown, my buddy and I would frequently find ways to ‘spice up’ the workspace. If we ever found the other person’s workstation empty without being properly xlocked, we’d usually pull pranks on each other: ‘alias ls=’eject; ls’ being a popular harmless one, or writing zwrite <username> -m “PAUL LOGGED OUT” on my .logout file, executed anytime I logged out.

Fear and Loathing

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Glenn Greenwald has another winner, this time over the firing of Juan Williams after his “I’s afraid of Muslins!” kerfuffle. His article is great by describing the general trend of fear and loathing in America:

To start with, as a general proposition, it’s vital that the American citizenry always be frightened of some external (and relatedly internal) threat. Nothing is easier, or more common, or more valuable, than inducing people to believe that one discrete minority group is filled with unique Evil, poses some serious menace to their Safety, and must be stopped at all costs. The more foreign-seeming that group is, the easier it is to sustain the propaganda campaign of fear. […]

“The Muslims” are currently the premier, featured threat which serves that purpose, following in the footsteps of the American-Japanese, the Communists, the Welfare-Stealing Racial Minorities, the Gays, and the Illegal Immigrants. Many of those same groups still serve this purpose, but their scariness loses its luster after decades of exploitation and periodically must be replaced by new ones.

Off to Istanbul!

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I’m off next week to visit Madly Brilliant in her current home of Istanbul, Turkey. She’s abroad for the first time, spending 5-ish months as a lab tech, so my visit bisects hers. Mad props to Adobe for letting me do this ^_^

moar remixes

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I’m a tired, grumpy Geodude, but I have to post these remixes, because they’re quite lovely. 16 pop tunes: