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Homebrew comfort music

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Often when coding and confronted by a problem you don’t know how to solve, it’s nice to have music that’s fun/good/comfortable enough to tune the world out, but not one that will overtake you. Here’s a bunch of YouTube links that I bounce between.

My awesome cousin Maddy pointed me to this video:

“First, try to be something, anything, else.”

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Here’s an old, but good article, ostensibly about writing. The author is pretty funny, and I think most of what he writes applies just as well to any endeavor you choose to pursue with any interest.

Having tried to find my theatre identity in college, only to become a computer scientist, the question of “How do I get good at …” is something I thought about (and continue to think about) all the time. Most of what I think is already present in the article in one form or another, but with my words:

Welcome to the new blog!

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Welcome to the new! After tons of reading, I decided to move my blog over to Jekyll, for a variety of reasons:

First, I like having all my content, readily available, in plain text on any of my local machines. This has tons of upsides, the most prominent being absolute control of all the elements of my blog. Notice the text justification is actually using the Knuth line-breaking algorithm, implemented in Javascript!

I’ll be blogging again soon…

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I just got back to work after a lovely, lovely break, and will get back to blogging Real Things soon. In the meantime, recording a milestone:

I had what I like to think of my “first” “release” of ScrabbleCheat. In a match of Scrabble without it, Madly Brilliant beat me by 97 points. I used it successfully for the first time (with her knowledge and permission) and beat her the following game by about 83 points. There’s still tons of work to be done, but its core is there, certainly.

How to tell someone their code sucks

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Some days I just wish I were David Korn

No, it’s completely wrong-headed, insane and unreasonable. Your code is 100% bogus and should be taken out the back, lined up against a wall, and machine-gunned.

Then the bleeding corpse should be hung, drawn and quartered.

Then burnt.

Then the smouldering rubble should be jumped up and down on.

By a hippo.

Something nice about every language I’ve used

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Inspired by this post (and more great answers on the reddit comment thread), here’s one nice thing about each of the languages I can remember using in any meaningful capacity:

Java: I learned to program in this. It led to the creation of the JVM, and while Java isn’t my favorite language, the JVM is a pretty sexy piece of technology that enabled a number of other languages (Scala and Clojure most notable) to flourish.


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Alright forks, time for some smugness. I know, on this blog?!? But bear with me. I’m just completely frakking pissed at a number of bugs I’ve been chasing down, at work and at home, and after looking for the more general problem, it’s all about state. ALL OF IT.