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Good ole 14/14

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My buddy Warren and I had a Twitter conversation about learning Zerg in the lower levels of Starcraft 2, and asked what a good beginner build would be for a low-level player trying to get the basics.

Luckily, such a build exists! The “14/14” is a single build you can use in any matchup that leaves you (relatively) safe from cheese and (relatively) set for a decent economy. It’s a very old build that’s been around since the release, and I got to Diamond using only this for my ZvZ’s.

Stream Ads

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Originally written on December 18, Newtown hit me very hard, then I got wrapped up in holidays. Actual publish date is January 4. tl;dr I still believeall this but feel people who watch game streams with ad block are acting supremely entitled because there are workarounds, and compared to “theft” of mass media the inconveniences are fewer, and the producers are more cheated.


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Note: I originally wrote this on December 14, the day of the Newtown shootings, but didn’t publish it because I needed some time to cool off, and let this sit. Here it is, unedited, in all its rage-ey glory, actually published January 4th.

Today, in light of the news, I’ve been feeling pretty much this. Seriously, fuck everything.

loving yourself with EBOOKS

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While I’m still ramping up at the new gig, I’ve found a love of code again and recently launched new side project. I may still work on it yet, but chances are I’ll leave it be for a bit while I pursue other interests (hey, it works well as is and I’m not shipping it :-p).

It’s called Ebooker, and if you’d like to have a look at the source, fire me an email, I have it hosted on a private repo on Bitbucket.

Smoke Weed Every Day

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In the tradition of educating the masses on memes and Internet trends, I’ve recently been in love with appropriation of Snoop Dogg. This post isn’t personally an endorsement of marijuana, nor is this disclaimer a recommendation against it.

Testing, and the lost art of the manual

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I hate to be GrandPaul, the old curmudgeon who hates things that just ain’t the way they used to be. But I’ve decided to touch webdev for ScrabbleCheat and by jove, I feel those RoR kids have jumped the shark. Forget TDD; that shit is so passe. These kids practice BDD, with Cucumber and RSpec.

Let’s make a few thing clear here: Unit Testing isn’t the end-all, be-all of automated software verification. BDD seems to be a perfectly noble attempt to address many of its shortcomings, or if I may go so far, addressing the “failed promises” of TDD. Some of those promises (and how BDD helps solve them include):