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I’ve been hitting some hard times this last year, namely aftershocks of my sister’s illness, as well as personal/relationship troubles which may or may not be related. It isn’t the purpose of this blog to delve into them, I’d rather share the better parts of my life, and part of that is the music that helps lift one out of the blues.

Two pieces I discovered in the interim time period that are simply phenomenal recordings:

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This weekend I treated myself and bought the first Deluxe Set of Y: The Last Man (issues 1–10, I had the second set before by a happy accident). It’s really a marvelous comic, and suggest people take a look at it.

My friend Lyn has a comic of her own, which I also greatly enjoy. I keep petitioning for the inclusion of another character, and maybe one day my calls will be met.

TeX, Culture.

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On the old (lost) blog I had a long post as to why I used LaTeX instead of Word, even for non- mathematical documents. I’ll surely re-post it sometime (I have the source somewhere…), but in the meantime, this little comparison beautifully demonstrates the aesthetic advantages. It also links to this essay, which very articulately describes many of the other advantages.


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I love memes, but haven’t produced any of my own. In light of this awful, awful late night coding, as well as the newest episode of Burn Notice, here’s a quickie:

An awful meme

GC, Continuations, Ruby Internals

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When I was about 6, I told my mom I wanted to be a garbageman when I grew up. I mostly just liked the truck, and hanging from the side of it while it drove from house to house.

Garbage collection still fascinates me. I found this talk on Ruby’s garbage collector of great interest. While we program with abstractions to make application development easier, the sad fact is that it still helps you avoid shooting yourself in the foot to know how your languages features are being implemented. Even if it didn’t, wouldn’t you be curious?

m4d H4X

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For two years I was a UTA for our department’s Introduction to Security course, and my current roommate is the current Head TA. So when a friend was looking for someone to perform a security audit on his web application, he called my roommate, who called me in as his surgeon’s assistant. Here’s what we found:

Dictionary Attack

A short history of my belief

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One of the (few) things I used to blog about was my atheism. Since I’m starting fresh in this new blog, an introduction is in order, since my relationship to belief has varied widely over the years, and religious belief is something I care passionately about.

I ‘came out’ as atheist almost as soon as I embraced the label, about 2 years ago, in my junior year at Brown. I’d been fighting doubts in my mind for a few years prior, but only really challenged and criticized my faith with any vigor or curiosity around when I came out.