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If you aren’t head-explodingly outraged with the Catholic church, you aren’t paying enough attention (or, alternatively, you’re incapable of independent thought).

With that in mind, this video tickled me (language NSFW).


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I can write about Spring Weekend a bit later (this was the first and last time I’ll do Spring Weekend as a student). In the meantime, I’ll procrastinate by posting another favorite video. Sadly for you gringos, you have to speak Spanish to glean much meaning from it:

Video Games, and the failure of the word “Art”

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Roger Ebert decided to revisit a topic that got him a lot of attention a few years ago, where he claimed that video games weren’t art. Now he’s strengthened his claim, stating that video games can never be art.

My reaction to this was mostly along the lines of Penny Arcade: there’s nothing to see here. An older person who’s never really played video games decides to classify them ungenerously. Whoop whoop.

Another Remix

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I went over some favorite remixes a few days ago, but here’s another I forgot (I might do this from time to time): Wilford Brimley raps about his experience with Diabetes. It really picks up after a minute and a half, and like the Trolls & Love, is underscored by Ratatat.


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I posted these on the last blog, months before I was digitally evicted. Last summer I participated with some friends in the 48-hour Film Festival, making two movies.

The game works as follows: at the start of the 48 hours, you’re given a character, prop, and line of dialogue that must be present in your movie. You’re also given a genre, with one chance to re-draw if desired.

Baal Bless the Internet

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I love remixes, and hope sometime (probably after I graduate) I can get my lazy bum off the computer chair so I can make a few myself. Here are a few that I really love (I also link to the original sources, you should check them out if you get the chance):

On Programming Interviews

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Lots of great things have been written on the subject of programming interviews, but since I’ll be entering the workforce very soon, I’ve taken away a few notes on how I would like to conduct them in the future, having just run the job search gauntlet.

Regarding phone screens, I learned a lot from Steve Yegge’s post on his process. To summarize, he believes the candidate should demonstrate some basic proficiency and understanding in five areas to get the on-site: coding, OO design, scripting/regexes, data structures, and binary. It’s alright if the candidate struggles a little, but if their answer to ‘describe a function to sort an array of integers’ is ‘Collections.sort(array),’ you might want to think twice about bringing them in.