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Really, Apple?

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Apple just showed themselves to be a bit lame about security, at least on Mac OS X two years ago. Here’s the story:

My sister had a MacBook to use for college when she was supposed to enroll in 2008. A few weeks later she got sick with her encephalitis, and had her remarkable recovery story.

Everyone Draw Mohammed

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Today is Everyone Draw Mohammed Day (news story, wikipedia). A small day where you can stand up for free speech in the face of bullying and the threat of terrorism. Sadly, I’ve loaned out my tablet (and am burned out from studying), so I can’t do anything really epic. I still want to participate, so here’s a quickie:

My last study break

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My final Final Exam is tomorrow; after that, my graduation is at the mercy of my graders. I’m studying for Principles of Neurobiology, which has been a most excellent way to finish college. While Biology was always my least favorite science (chemistry!), the brain and how we study it is out-of-this world cool. Neuroscience is tied with dancing in the Big Regrets That I Didn’t Pursue This Further At Brown (it’s no exaggeration that, had I taken these classes earlier, I may have become a Neuroscience major).

My curiosity is naturally piqued after my family’s recent medical trauma, my sister’s neurological illness. There’s lots to say about that and how it’s affected me, but in reviewing my notes I came upon this slide (click to enlarge):

Today’s study break

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Still studying like a madman for Neuroscience, but took a few minutes to catch up on some news. First, a co-creator of Flash makes the best defense of Flash as a platform contra Steve Jobs I’ve seen, many echo my sentiments exactly. Some money quotes (emphasis mine):

I think Steve Jobs is willfully missing a key point with his arguments against Flash. The important reason to put Flash on the iPhone is that millions of developers have invested millions of hours building Flash content in Flash. The Flash content out there in the world is an asset of our society and the people who created it. People built it in Flash because there was no other decent technology from companies like Apple, Microsoft or Real Networks that enabled this kind of content to be created and delivered. To say that all this content should be discarded because Steve Jobs is afraid that people will build Flash content that runs on mobile devices running any operating system instead of building content that will only work on Apple mobile devices is doing a disservice to the efforts of all those individuals.

My first game is on the Android Market

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Pick it up! I don’t know of a way to link to the market itself (unless you’re on an android phone, in which case, click here!). If you search ‘Rat Race’ from your phone, it’s the only app that comes up.

It’s free! Download it, upvote it, downvote it, PLAY IT, whatever you like ^_^

Funny images

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I’ve posted a bunch of remixes and 3notable videos]4 earlier, even a more serious post on books. There are about a dozen more golden ones I’ve left out, but that’s for another time. This is the post for themed image sites.

The winner for Most Currently Lost Potential is The Big Caption, which takes photos from The Big Picture and captions them with funny phrases and appropriate typography. Two favorites:


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You can talk all you want about ‘practicality,’ but one way in which I see functional languages will ALWAYS beat imperative is the built-in love of lists. I simply can’t express my distaste for always writing:

Social Golfer problem

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One summer I spent working with a professor, the father of a friend heard my plans and remarked (to my friend, not to me)

I can’t think of anything less intellectually stimulating than writing computer code for 7 hours a day.